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Zelig by IAmOneHellOfAButler
for the group 


Zelig Alfonso Tsukiya


Birth date: 04 / 04/1995

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0" 

Weight:  134

Status: 3 Hearts left

Personality: He's somewhat of a straight asshole at times but can be caring only when he needs to be. He enjoys causing may-man and making people life's miserable who he can't stand. He does have a kind of sadist side and he gets into fights a lot mainly because of people's opinion on him and how they approach him about it. He can be very suddole but only when he wants to be lazy or very humble when he wants make a okay impression. He isn't the type to blow a fuse easily only when his buttons are poked at too many times.he has a very amusing personality he's been told to be a very interesting person and is very outgoing in certain situations and is very reliable and honest;y very blunt on manners.  he's very needy (not in a irritating needy way though) with people he loves.

Zelig was born may 4th in Free state of Saxony, Germany in a city known as Chemnitz to Kiseya Tsukiya (mother) and a Karlheinz Klaus (father). Zelig mainly remembers getting into a lot of fights their because of his mix blood and barely going to school because of it when Zelig was 7 his parents decided move to München to help him start fresh and new living their Zelig was okay for a while going to elementary and finishing his years their and then going on to middle school til one day in 8th grade Zelig was stabbed with a argument with a angry women who's lover had left her for Zelig upset and outraged Zelig almost killed the women due to strangulation but was separated and Zelig was expelled from school and put on house arrest, Zelig spend only 7 months on house arrest while being on house arrested he was home schooled after the 7 months his parents decided to move to japan as he felt more comfortable and better their they believed this be a good idea and let him spend the rest his years here through the years he would from time to time get into fights but over the rest the years it settled down. on his 18th birthday he got a invitation in the mail to Hope’s peak academy thinking this was a new school set by his parents he sighed and decided actually why not that way he could be away from his parents and love how he wanted so he took the offer and packed telling his parents he was moving out and taking a train to Hope’s peak academy after leaving home he looked up at the building and upon entering he felt dizzy staggered and hit the ground fainting after a while didnt take long for him get his SHSL title due to one day a accident accruing within the school 


- reading mystery and scary stories 
-playing tennis
- collecting items
- drawing
- being mischievous 


- toying with people
- sweet and sour foods
- enjoys causing trouble to higher people than him
- walks
- gossiping 
- sticking his nose into other business which goes into the gossip category 
- sleeping for long period of times
-correcting people
-playing with people

- being bored
- stupid and irritating women
- being stabbed or near death experiences 
- being blamed for others mistakes
- having people tell him about his appearance in a negative way

"Oh my i'm sorry did I irritated you?*grins*"
"Hmm hi i'm Zelig it's not meet your acquaintance"
"Who me oh I'm just your average SHSL  Sadist"
"You poor pathetic creature see this is why i can't stand women.....they make me sick sometimes.."
- he has a beauty mark under his eye but its covered by his hair
- his father is German and his mother is Japanese 
- he rarely cares about things as long as it doesn't come his way
-he thinks of his parents as pest most of the time because they always tried turning him into something he wasn't
-he states that he is pan-sexual but actually prefers his own sex over any other 
-he like's people taller than him
-he won't hesitate to hurt someone man or women if they do something to someone he knows or him
Natasha Zikze by IAmOneHellOfAButler
Natasha Zikze
for the group Kaiwaia-Academy

"hehe come on!^^"


  Natasha Sliza Zikze




[D]ate Of Birth:

  Nephilim (half demon half angel)



   Principalities - Beginner

   We will tell you once you are accepted into the academy.

  Dark Magic 

   Black Witch


Natasha is very devious when it comes to doing something sneaky or getting
information from something she plans on doing.She loves to be on the move 24/7 she never stops.She is able keep or calm in situations and in situations where people try make her mad.She very smart and is always thinking of new ideas when she can. She loves meeting new people to be around and keep her motivated.


-lazy people

[S]exual Preference:
   Straight(but likes to think pan-sexually)

[S]mall History:
   Grew of in a town in Germany with her grandmother never knew her parents through most of young Natasha life it was peaceful and nice til her grandma got sick and was bed ill when Natasha was only 15 since then she as been paying for her grandma medicine and helping her with her health to get back on her feet since she is the only family Natasha has ever known. Around the age of 10 when she was in elementary she got into fight with a kid for calling her a useless demonic child since then knowing and finding out about her true self she has hated herself but kept it hidden away in her heart. When Natasha turned 16 her grandma urged her to go to school and get her education and to not be stuck watching over a old women like her she urged her to go and learn make friends and learn the skills you need to survive and now at 17 she enrolled in kaiwaia academy 

   -she is german and French
-the grandma she thinks of as her family is actually human and took her in when she found her but she doesn't know
-parents died after she was born so she never saw them
-she doesnt enjoy talking about her race
-she's never had friends before
-she when little had a pet bunny that she still has now
-she has a  birth mark on the hip with the symbol of what she is showing a mix of a demon and angel 

p.s in the beginning  i wanted make her a bunny is that allowed?



Kanama Hitsuji
Artist | Student | Digital Art
ぼくの名前 はカナマひつじです . 私は男性です, 私はゲイです.
描画 , アニメとマンガが大好きです. もっと頼む知り.

well my name is Kanama last name is Hitsuji(sheep) im a male im gay so what get over? anyway i love drawing and everything Anime and Manga wise
and if you just
Wanna know more?
Just ask me

I won't bite.....hard lol

Current Residence: My House of Cousre
Favourite genre of music: all even heavy metal!
Favourite photographer: idk
Favourite style of art: Gorey,Dramatica and many more
Favourite cartoon character: he's anime and he's sebastian michaelis
Personal Quote: Life is so cruel but hey we all gotta die sometimes even the pretty things in the world how sad
I've been gone for so long neglecting DA i feel so bad but i will be active and back and will make sure of it i  miss DA and my watchers and the groups art and ect.
 tagged by :iconsweetgirl333: 

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this" You legitimately have to tag 10 people

questions answering 

1. Do you like Vocaloid? YUP!

2. Are you a crazy fangirl/fanboy of anything in particular? yes i am fanboy >.> lol 

3. DO YOU LIKE ICE CREAM????? what?! no jk yes i do 

4. Do you think that you're a weird person? oh yes a very weird person but proud of it 

5. How many fandoms are you in? hmmmm omg so many i'd say 20+

my questions 

1)are you a crazy fan boy/girl?

2)what is the most amazing drawing you have ever done?

3)Do you know the sky is black? do you think it is?

4)how many pets you got?

5)do you like pairing characters?

people i tag 


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